We create our yarns as an artist creates a masterpiece We offer rich stock of hand-knitting yarns in great variety of materials, types and colors We take care of our customers as we take care of our family We offer personalized production in customers own color All our offers and service include transport to your door

Who are we?
  • Our company name is SYNTEX. We are an European stock house for hand-knitting yarns, located in Bulgaria. We develop our yarns together with the most skilful European producers. Our main production partner is with more than 80 years experience in production of hand-knitting yarns. Our advantage is that we keep regular stock of the most popular yarns consumed in Europe.
  • Yarns and threads are our business, our passion, our artwork.

Whta is our brand?
  • All yarns that we offer are branded under the unique trade name PERFORMANCE. A powerful brand name bringing to end consumers yarns with high performance qualities.

what do we offer?
  • standard collection of hand-knitting yarns with constant stock availability. Collection consist of great variety of yarn in different materials and types – cotton, cotton blends and mixtures, wool, acrylic, woolen blends ect.
  • all articles from our collection are designed according to latest fashion trends. New colour range is launched each new season.
  • each article from our standard collection can be shipped in two weeks maximum
  • promotional articles with limited quantities at discount prices also available on stock

What do we offer more?
  • personal customer care
  • all our offers include transport to your place. You do not need to take care of any shipping or additional costs!
  • we offer special production of customer’s own colors. You can order us 30 kg of any standard article of ours in a color of your choice!
  • very low minimum order quantities – 20 – 30 kg per order depending of the article type
  • return policy – goods back accepted in 10 days after delivery with full refund

Why to buy from us?
  • because we are near you
  • because we are friendly to all yarns and to all our customers
  • because we offer the best prices ever seen in Europe
  • because we care about best quality of our products

How to find us?
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